Reproductive health is a fundamental right for men and women. It is a right that Pathfinder International focuses on its operations in over 20 developing countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Near East.

Based in Watertown, Massachusetts, the global non-profit organization works in strategic partnerships with many organizations including local non-government organizations, national ministries, and local governments in providing for reproductive healthcare services. Its advocacy focuses on reproductive health, family planning, and HIV/AIDS prevention and care with their main clients including men and women of all ages, commercial sex workers, and rural patients.

Pathfinder International rightly believes that access to quality reproductive healthcare services is not just a fundamental right. Said access is also crucial for the progress of societies in general and for the expansion of opportunities for a better quality of life for women and their families and communities.

Indeed, Pathfinder International is making a path for men and women in their transformations toward the quality of life that they deserve - and that’s something that we can all support.


Together, we can. This is the battle cry of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) in leading the charge against breast cancer - truly, one of the most dreaded diseases among women, even men. The foundation believes that no institution has the resources to conquer the disease on its own, thus, coming together is a must for success.

Founded in 1993 by Evelyn Lauder of the Estee Lauder Companies, BCRF has raised over US$350 million in its vibrant fundraising activities that encourage individuals and industries to donate their resources to the cause. The independent non-profit organization provides for funding support for research and development into a breast cancer cure. The research has encompassed a wide range of topics including genetics, tumor biology, stem cells, metastasis, drugs, and survivorship.

BCRF is indeed committed towards making breast cancer a preventable and curable disease. Such commitment has resulted in several breakthroughs against breast cancer that have contributed to improved survivorship rates and quality of life for patients today. Studies have shown that breast cancer patients are now more hopeful about their prognosis, thanks to medical advancements funded by the foundation.

The foundation seeks out the best doctors, scientists and researchers involved in breast cancer research, provide them with the resources to pursue their work, and then spread the word about their breakthroughs. Said funding support can mean the difference between fighting the disease and letting it take over the lives of patients and their families around the world.

BCRF President and Chief Executive Officer Myra J. Biblowit asserted that the BCRF’s ultimate goal is the acceleration of breakthroughs in a breast cancer cure - and it looks like the foundation is right on track. There is still more to do, nonetheless, so it is time that you, too, also donate your resources to the foundation.

It may be yourself or your family and friends whom you will be saving from the scourge of breast cancer.


The 92nd Street Y (92Y) may have Jewish roots - its full name is the 92nd Street Young Men’s and Young Women’s Hebrew Association (YM-YWHA) and it is not affiliated with the YMCA - but it has a non-denominational approach. People of all faiths and races can come and enjoy the facilities and activities provided by the 92nd Street Y with just one consideration - be respectful of others.

Located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City, the 92nd Street Y was established in 1874 by German-Jewish businessmen and professionals. It has since evolved into a multi-faceted, multi-ethnic cultural institution offering over 200 programs on a daily basis. These programs include community outreach, musical concerts, humanities classes, fitness classes, and a residency program, among others, which serves over 400,000 individuals yearly.

Indeed, the 92nd Street Y has provided and continues to provide the communities around it with meaningful programs that nurture individuals and bond communities in ways that even its founders will be pleased to hear.


The free software movement is making inroads into global society with its proponents advocating the universal freedom for the creation, distribution and modification of computer software among all users. The Free Software Foundation (FSF) is recognized as one of the industry players in the free software movement because of its significant contributions.

Richard Stallman organized FSF on October 1985 as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with the goal of supporting the free software movement - and it continues to reap successes in this area. The organization’s funds are used in many ways including:

  • Hiring software developers who create free software for its GNU General Public License Project;
  • Working on structural and legal issues affecting the free software movement and community;
  • Providing critical funding and infrastructure for its GNU Project that, in turn, is the base for all of the organization’s GNU/Linux operating systems family;
  • Promoting the use of free software via yearly conferences (e.g., LibrePlanet) as organized by its Campaigns Team; and
  • Defending freely licensed software from proprietary attacks via its Licensing and Compliance Lab.

For example, free software developers can approach the Licensing & Compliance Lab for advice on licensing issues.

Why is FSF such a relevant entity in the Internet-prevalent global society? Keep in mind that most software available in the market today have licenses, agreements and patents that deprive general users of a basic right - the right to study the software’s source code, modify it and then share it with their fellow users. FSF in particular and the free software movement in general works toward promoting said right.

Plus, there’s also the issue of transparency and privacy among non-free software. Keep in mind, too, that free software has challenges when used for surveillance purposes so much so that it is considered as a critical defense against surveillance (i.e., invasions of privacy) undertaken by various entities.

Because of its outstanding work, FSF has been awarded the Linus Torvalds for Open Source Computing, the USENIX Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Prix Ars Electronica Award of Distinction.


Functioning as a division of the Public Citizen before 2005, Food & Water Watch is another non-governmental organization that is focused on accountability related to food, water and fishing. This charitable institution has always been on the look out for any corporate and government issue related to their focus causes.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Food & Water Watch has been a critical advocate in restricting the practice of aquaculture in American waters. They were also the first group to divulge and report the outbreak of salmonella in US chicken processing plants way back 2006. As part of their food campaign, the group is also heralded for stopping Starbucks in using milk that is coming from rBGH-treated cows. They also have a watchful eye on the burgeoning industry of bottled water.

Protecting the rights and access of every American to good water and food has always been the strong cause of the group. It intends to protect all consumers from anything that would pose any risk to their health.


Part of the movement in protecting animal rights is the emergence of various organizations that intend to provide shelter, food and proper care to pets. PetSmart Charities is the means of PetSmart in ensuring that they are one with the public in providing a safe environment for pets.

This organization seeks to provide homes for abandoned animals and ensures that those new owners are knowledgeable in taking care of their pets. As part of the organization’s cause they donate space to local rescue groups instead of selling cats, dogs, rabbits and other animals that can be considered as pets. This charitable group seeks to provide stray animals new homes with owners who are empowered with the right mindset to attend to the needs of those abandoned creatures.

Based on the records of the organization, as of June 2012, they were able to look for homes for more than 5 million pets. Through their adoption centers, they have helped animals, land on a loving owner. In addition to the adoption process, they also provide each other a book that outlines the basic care information about their new pet.

The group also helps out those adoption centers by donating food, litter and other supplies. As part of their commitment to ending the misery of these animals, they also station some traditional donation boxes in their stores and offices. They also accept donations from those who are purchasing from their stores using debit or credit cards. While running retail pet shops, PetSmart also advocates adoption versus purchasing of a new pet. With the overly populated adoption centers, there are numerous animals that are worth finding new homes for.

PetSmart Charities is also known for their Rescue Waggin’ program that offers free transportation of adoptable dogs from overpopulated shelters to those areas  that demand adoptable animals.


It is said that it takes a village to raise a child and, thus, to raise a country. Such is the rationale behind the mission, vision and goals as well as the activities of Village Focus International.

The organization works toward strengthening the capabilities and abilities of local leaderships in villages across several countries including Cambodia and Laos. It has experienced dramatic growth since its foundation - from just 4,000 people in 2000 to 50,000 nowadays and from a budget of $125,000 in 2000 to $2 million in 2009.

Village Focus International focuses on three critical areas, namely:

  • Protection & Empowerment of Women and Children (PEWC) Program

The organization equips villages with the appropriate tools in the prevention, protection and rehabilitation of men, women and children who are potential victims or who have been victims of human trafficking.

  • Healthy Villages & Local Leadership Program

Children and adults are provided with basic and practical education on health and leadership.

  • Land & Livelihoods Program

Leaders and their people are provided with opportunities to nurture the land and strengthen their livelihood.


Celebrities are usually both celebrated and vilified for their social and economic status - and the Clintons are not an exemption to the rule. Former President Bill Clinton, former State Secretary Hillary Clinton and their daughter, Chelsea, belong to the class of celebrities who may be celebrated and vilified for their status but who are also putting their celebrity status to good use.

The William J. Clinton Foundation, now known as the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, consolidates the family’s efforts in its stated mission of strengthening people’s capacity in meeting the challenges brought by global interdependence. The non-profit foundation focuses its activities on four areas, namely, economic empowerment; health security; religious, racial and ethnic reconciliation; and leadership development and citizen service.

As all foundations working for these goals go, the foundation works toward getting itself out of a job and, in the process, enabling people from around the world a better quality of life. The measure of their success: Keeping score of the lives that have been improved, even saved, by their efforts in access to basic health services, economic opportunity for growth, and effective community response to climate change, among others.

The achievement of these goals requires, nay, demands strong partnerships among various sectors and personalities; even the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton with their celebrity status cannot do it alone. As such, the foundation builds and strengthens its partnerships with non-government organizations, governments, businesses, and individuals from around the world with the goal of transforming lives and communities with lasting solutions in a faster, leaner and better way.

And the foundation has certainly delivered and continues to deliver on its promise. At present, it prides itself on providing American kids with healthy food choices, on helping African farmers improve their crops, and on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


When you are a deaf-blind individual, you hear and see the world in unique ways. The challenges of daily living can be overwhelming but with the support of family, friends and community, life can be fulfilling and rewarding.

Sense, a national charity, dedicates and commits itself to supporting and campaigning for the interests of deaf-blind children and adults as well as their families. The non-profit organization provides useful advice, information and services administered by compassionate specialists to individuals with said dual-sensory impairments. These services are designed to enable deaf-blind people with the support, skills and knowledge to enjoy fulfilling lives with as much independence as possible.

The charitable organization provides for these services via its community resource centres, which offers a wide range of activities and programmes; accommodations for housing purposes; one-on-one support services in the form of intervenors and communicator-guides; a comprehensive library of useful resources; and trainings for interested individuals.

It’s no wonder then that Sense’s patron is HRH Princess Royal.


In the United Kingdom, children and young people are at higher risk for mental issues and illnesses. Most, if not all, of these young people from 3 to 13 years old can benefit from the appropriate early intervention measures including therapy, support and counselling.

This is where Blue Smile, a children’s charity based in Cambridgeshire, works toward making its mark in the non-profit charity industry. The non-profit organization identifies and provides its services to vulnerable and disadvantaged children in schools and communities whose present circumstances exposes them to high risks of mental issues and illnesses.

The children and young adults are provided with specialist support to empower them toward a better future, equip them with the tools essential in fulfilling their full potentials, and enable them to turn their lives around. Indeed, the organization estimates that with just £1 spent for the specialist support of each child today, society can save on hundreds of pounds tomorrow for the child’s stints in mental health facilities or youth offender institutions.

Think of it as investing in the distressed and disadvantaged children of today for the successful and influential adults of tomorrow, adults who have beaten the odds partly because of the early intervention provided by charities like Blue Smile. Think of it, too, as bringing back the smile in children now.

How can you help Blue Smile put the smile back in children’s faces? The charitable organization appreciates corporate support in many forms, such as:

  • Choosing it as Charity of the Year
  • Adopting a school for service development
  • Matching the funds raised by your employees
  • Donating your resources including skills to the charity
  • Taking on fundraising challenges for the charity’s budget
  • Giving Christmas donations instead of corporate giveaways

With your generous donations in cash and in kind, you will become part of a better world in the present and the future for, indeed, the children of today will become the leaders of tomorrow.