Celebrities are usually both celebrated and vilified for their social and economic status - and the Clintons are not an exemption to the rule. Former President Bill Clinton, former State Secretary Hillary Clinton and their daughter, Chelsea, belong to the class of celebrities who may be celebrated and vilified for their status but who are also putting their celebrity status to good use.

The William J. Clinton Foundation, now known as the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, consolidates the family’s efforts in its stated mission of strengthening people’s capacity in meeting the challenges brought by global interdependence. The non-profit foundation focuses its activities on four areas, namely, economic empowerment; health security; religious, racial and ethnic reconciliation; and leadership development and citizen service.

As all foundations working for these goals go, the foundation works toward getting itself out of a job and, in the process, enabling people from around the world a better quality of life. The measure of their success: Keeping score of the lives that have been improved, even saved, by their efforts in access to basic health services, economic opportunity for growth, and effective community response to climate change, among others.

The achievement of these goals requires, nay, demands strong partnerships among various sectors and personalities; even the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton with their celebrity status cannot do it alone. As such, the foundation builds and strengthens its partnerships with non-government organizations, governments, businesses, and individuals from around the world with the goal of transforming lives and communities with lasting solutions in a faster, leaner and better way.

And the foundation has certainly delivered and continues to deliver on its promise. At present, it prides itself on providing American kids with healthy food choices, on helping African farmers improve their crops, and on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


When you are a deaf-blind individual, you hear and see the world in unique ways. The challenges of daily living can be overwhelming but with the support of family, friends and community, life can be fulfilling and rewarding.

Sense, a national charity, dedicates and commits itself to supporting and campaigning for the interests of deaf-blind children and adults as well as their families. The non-profit organization provides useful advice, information and services administered by compassionate specialists to individuals with said dual-sensory impairments. These services are designed to enable deaf-blind people with the support, skills and knowledge to enjoy fulfilling lives with as much independence as possible.

The charitable organization provides for these services via its community resource centres, which offers a wide range of activities and programmes; accommodations for housing purposes; one-on-one support services in the form of intervenors and communicator-guides; a comprehensive library of useful resources; and trainings for interested individuals.

It’s no wonder then that Sense’s patron is HRH Princess Royal.


In the United Kingdom, children and young people are at higher risk for mental issues and illnesses. Most, if not all, of these young people from 3 to 13 years old can benefit from the appropriate early intervention measures including therapy, support and counselling.

This is where Blue Smile, a children’s charity based in Cambridgeshire, works toward making its mark in the non-profit charity industry. The non-profit organization identifies and provides its services to vulnerable and disadvantaged children in schools and communities whose present circumstances exposes them to high risks of mental issues and illnesses.

The children and young adults are provided with specialist support to empower them toward a better future, equip them with the tools essential in fulfilling their full potentials, and enable them to turn their lives around. Indeed, the organization estimates that with just £1 spent for the specialist support of each child today, society can save on hundreds of pounds tomorrow for the child’s stints in mental health facilities or youth offender institutions.

Think of it as investing in the distressed and disadvantaged children of today for the successful and influential adults of tomorrow, adults who have beaten the odds partly because of the early intervention provided by charities like Blue Smile. Think of it, too, as bringing back the smile in children now.

How can you help Blue Smile put the smile back in children’s faces? The charitable organization appreciates corporate support in many forms, such as:

  • Choosing it as Charity of the Year
  • Adopting a school for service development
  • Matching the funds raised by your employees
  • Donating your resources including skills to the charity
  • Taking on fundraising challenges for the charity’s budget
  • Giving Christmas donations instead of corporate giveaways

With your generous donations in cash and in kind, you will become part of a better world in the present and the future for, indeed, the children of today will become the leaders of tomorrow.


Did you know that over 1.5 million Americans, and many more millions around the world, are afflicted with lupus? The chronic autoimmune disease still has no cure despite the millions of dollars spent on its research although it must be said that available treatments can control the symptoms in many patients.

Enter the Lupus Research Institute (LRI), a non-profit organization dedicated to the discovery of a safe, effective and viable cure for lupus. Unlike other organizations, LRI focuses on novel research and development methods specifically on hypothesis-driven basic and clinical research.

While the research may not yet be supported by comprehensive preliminary data, the LRI scientists are looking at it with fresh eyes, so to speak. The organization rewards and encourages innovation and imagination coupled with the convergence of several scientific disciplines so that research discoveries can finally be translated into effective clinical treatments.

Why the dedication? The institute has founders, researchers and members who are afflicted with the disease and who have families and friends with it, too.


Did you know that in majority of countries, as many as 90%, torture in its various forms still takes place? In as many as half of these countries, torture has become a systematic and rampant problem that claims victims of all ages. It is not just the victims themselves who suffer from the physical and mental effects of torture after their freedom is secured but their families and friends as well.

But there is light at the end of a dark, dark tunnel for victims of torture and their families! The Center for Victims of Torture (CVT) provides the essential direct care for victims of torture and direct conflict so that they, too, can become victors in life. The international non-profit organization has competent and compassionate staff members who work toward restoring the health of the body, the dignity of the spirit, and the prospects for the future of victims-turned-victors, many of whom are refugees of violent conflicts in their homeland.

CVT goes beyond providing hope for victims and their families. Indeed, the organization also works toward the prevention of torture and the promotion of human rights so that torture in its various forms can be eliminated. While the going may be tough since torture exists in both First World and Third World countries, the tough members of the organization will keep going because their work can mean the difference between hope and despair, even between life and death.

Since its establishment in 1985, the organization has provided strong hope, compassionate care, and direct healing for over 24,000 survivors/victors of torture and conflict from many of the world’s deadliest wars in diverse places, such as Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Jordan and Kenya. It is also on the forefront of research and development in the rehabilitation of survivors and in the prevention of torture.

Can we live in a world free of torture? Perhaps we can when we have the likes of The Center for Victims of Torture in our world.


As businesses emerge and real estate properties crowd in metropolitan areas, The Trust for Public Land continues their march in conserving land and creating beneficial centers for the benefit of human and its enjoyment.

The organization is a non-profit charitable institution that has more than 5,300 conservation projects in the 47 states as well as in the U.S. Virgin Islands and in Puerto Rico. Their advocacies fall into three major categories: Parks for People, Land and Water and Working Lands. The goal of the organization is to create land areas that are solely used for the public benefit. They especially target their efforts in emerging cities where the population is increasing and public locations are starting to diminish.

Through the efforts of The Trust, citizens are able to enjoy a location that is intended for human enjoyment. They have helped in the creation of city parks, river and waterfront access, natural areas, trails and productive farms and forests.


As people in power tend to abuse their authority, several organizations have come to the aid of the oppressed. One of the non-profit organizations that focus their efforts in safeguarding the human rights of every individual is Human Rights Watch.

Founded in 1978 as Helsinki Watch, this American non-government organization was created to keep an eye on the Soviet Union’s compliance with the Helsinki Accords. The group has been in the spotlight in the 1980s for its contribution in the transformation of the region in the Soviet Union and its nearby European partners. It has shed light to some of the violations made by the government through its method of public shaming and naming of those who are in power.

As the organization branched out, its scope of coverage also increased and its region in protection also expanded. The Helsinki Watch was later on followed by the Americas Watch which gave birth to several other “Watches” in various regions. The Watch Committees which is comprised of the Helsinki Watch, Americas Watch, Asia Watch, Africa Watch and the Middle East Watch was united under one umbrella using the name Human Right Watch in 1988.

This charitable organization has championed its cause of protecting the basic human rights of everyone. They strongly oppose violations in any form, especially capital punishment and discrimination basing it on sexual orientation. They are also a strong supporter of the freedom of the press and freedom of religion.

The oppressed have greatly found an ally in the form of Human Rights Watch. The group has strongly aligned their advocacies with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They publish any form of violations around the world based on the International Human Rights norms. Serving the world and existing as “the voice of justice”, the organization keeps their headquarters in the Empire State Building in New York City.


Another strong advocate of women’s rights is Global Fund for Women. This non-profit organization is based in San Francisco, California and funds various initiatives for women’s human rights around the world.

Anne Firth Murray, a Kiwi, together with Laura Lederer and Frances Kissling founded the organization in 1987. Their first funding which amounted to $31,000 was awarded to eight grantees. The funds they put up are raised from various sources which include fundraisers and private sponsorships. Part of the milestone of the organization is their Legacy Fund, which was created in 2005. As a woman-centered group they make donations to women-led organizations which amounts to $8.5 million annually. This fund is known today as the largest endowment in the world that’s completely dedicated to women’s rights.

The works of the organization circles around 7 issues and initiatives, including, access to education, civic  political participation, economic & environmental justice, social change philanthropy, health & sexual rights, women dismantling militarism and peace & gender violence.


As the world’s natural resources start to dwindle, several organizations start to conduct research and check on the long term impact of this depletion. Resources for the Future is one of those non-profit organizations that take a look at the alarming rate of drying up of our natural resources.

The group strongly focuses on environmental, natural resources and energy issues and conducts independent researches in high hopes of mitigating the issue. These researches are primarily done through social sciences and economics and covers the four corners of the world. It was in 1952 that the organization got created under the behest of U.S. President Harry S. Truman in 1951 to come up with a Materials Policy Commission to check and evaluate the natural resources needed by the country. The task was taken on by the chairman of Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), William S. Paley. In his report Resources for Freedom: Foundations for Growth and Security, he made strong recommendations to come up with an organization that would analyze the much needed resources of the country.

The recommendation in turn, got realized in the form of Resources for the Future, which became the first organization to exclusively devote their efforts to natural resources and other environmental issues. Initial grants of the organization came from Ford Foundation, and the focal points were the scarcity of natural resources and the country’s dependence on importing these materials. Several scholars of the group have become central figures in the world’s effort to wield environmental policies worldwide. Some of the bright names include Allen Kneese, John Krutilla, Marion Clawson and Hans Landsberg. These individuals have left  a mark in the world’s efforts in imposing policies to help protect the environment.

One of the most recent researches that Resource for the Future has taken on is their initiative rolled out by their Center for Energy Economics and Policy. This effort seeks to identify the risks involved in the hydraulic fracturing of shale formations. In addition, this project also seeks to provide recommendations for responsible development.


The Henry Ford Health System was founded in 1915 by automobile pioneer Henry Ford. It is a non-profit corporation governed by a Board of Trustees and managed by CEO Nancy M. Schlichting. The non-profit is also guided by a volunteer team of affiliate and advisory boards for additional leadership.

Operating medical centers, hospitals, and one of the country’s biggest group practices, the Henry Ford Health System has over 1,200 physicians covering more than 40 specialties. Its flaship, Detroit’s Henry Ford Hospital, is categorized as a Level 1 Trauma Center recognized for excellence in cardiology, neurology, neurosurgery, cardiovascular surgery, sports medicine, cancer treatment, orthopedics, and multi-organ transplants.

With over 23,000 employees in its fold, the Henry Ford Health System is ranked as the fifth largest employer within metro Detroit and also one of the most diverse. As one of its state’s anchor institutions, it proudly generates over $1.7 billion every year in revenues.